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The Evergreen Reuse Coalition is made up by member organizations providing insight, leadership, and action that drives innovation. Through effective reuse of assistive devices we seek to make a positive impact in three key areas: to the environment by reducing the amount of useable products that ends up in landfills; to quality of life by making a comprehensive array of assistive devices available to improve mobility, communication, and full participation in all aspects of daily life; and to cost savings for individuals by offering affordable alternatives to new devices.


Reusers: Organizations that accept, refurbish, and sanitize donations of assistive devices that are then matched and redistributed to individuals.

Access Centers: Organizations that accept donations of assistive devices and redistribute devices but may or may not take part in sanitization or refurbishing of devices. Access Centers provide direct services and regional access for device drop-off and redistribution.

Community Partners: People, groups, and organizations that support and participate in Coalition activities but do not necessarily provide space for collection or redistribution of assistive device. Community Partners can help with transportation needs, holding device drives, volunteer management, or technical support.

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Email: info@evergreenreuse.org